Black Pinup Girl Magnets!
Magnets Never Go Out Of Style!

Retro Metal-Backed Magnets

3x4 inches. $5.00

Pinup Belle Is So Magnetic She Gets 3 Magnets!



                                                                          Pinup Margot Wants You To Rule The World!


          Pinup Charlie Knows Just How                Dream Big With Pinup Quinn                  Pinup Charlie Knows 

                      To Quench A Thirst                                                                                               You're Black Magic!

Retro Metal-Backed Magnets 

1.75x2.75 INCHES. $4.00


                                    Pinup Charlie Burlesque Loves A Dare!         Pinup Izzy Wants You To Drink Up & Live Up!         

Retro Metal-Backed Magnets

2x2 inches. $4.00


                  Pinup Peyton Knows The Score         Pinup Sasha Could Dream All Day       Dame Bev Wants To Be Friends

Vinyl Magnets

3 x 4 inches. $3.00


                                                                    Pinup Margot Knows Good Girls Can Have Fun Too!

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